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Michael Fassbender at the Ron Haslam Race School | Donington Park | 7.30.2014

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The fact that his outfit says James is giving me weird a/o thoughts where omegas compete with their alpha’s names sewn on their outfits to show belonging and family pride or something


Five Times Chris Evans Succeeded In Left Boob Grabbing And One Time He Didn’t


"Sometimes he just needs a kiss…"

Random Cherik quick-draw #1-2


tragedy strikes the enterprise

It’s really not that hard to tell actors from their characters



Like, this is Loki


And this is Tom. They have different colored hair.


This is Castiel


And this is Misha. They wear different clothes.


This is Tony Stark


And this is Robert Downey Jr. They have different names.



Oh my god


Get your own book


Get your own book

Supernatural Vancon Ticket For Sale!


I have 1 General Admission Weekend Pass for sale for Supernatural Vancon 2014. I paid $190 for it, plus a S&H fee, but I’m only asking $150 for it.

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How the Logic of "Friendzoning" Would Work If Applied in Other Instances:
*Man walks into a store and finds employee*
Man: Alright, I've had enough. Why haven't you guys hired me?!
Employee: Uh...well sir, when did you put in your application?
Man: I never filled out an application.
Employee: Well sir, we can't consider you for employment if you've never filled out an application.
Man: No, that's bullshit, because I've been coming here for years now, and every single time I tell you all how much I love this store and how much I appreciate your customer service, unlike some of your other customers might I add!
Employee: Well, but that doesn't-
Man: AND I even told you that I didn't have a job!
Employee: But sir, that doesn't indicate to us that you would like a job at our store. And again, if you've never filled out an application, we can't consider you. Besides, we're not hiring.
Man: OH! Not hiring, HA! What a laugh. I see your store go through seasonal workers all the time. They come and go like nothing, but you won't consider me as a part-time employee even though I KNOW you've been looking for workers to fill positions? That's insane!
Employee: Sir, we've been looking to hire a few people for management positions. Do you have any management experience?
Man: Well no, but what does that matter?
Employee: ...Well sir, that's what we're looking for. You won't be suitable for the position without management experience.
Man: Oh that's such a load of crap. You know, you'll be waiting around a long time for a manager if you don't lower your standards a little. Who cares if someone knows how to manage a store? I LOVE this store and I'm willing to work here, that's all that should matter to you.
Employee: That...doesn't make any sense.
Man: NO! I'm done. This is over. From now on, no more Mr. Nice Guy.
Man: Fuck you, slut.